I have watched Lloyd Smith training Sheep Dogs and would have to say there are very few people in New Zealand with his ability to achieve such great results as he has.
His Book Pup pen to paddock has helped a tremendous number of people throughout NZ. He has run seminars also throughout NZ and has lifted the standard of Dog Trialing and mustering in this Country, as can be seen with the number of young people getting into both Island and NZ runoffs. I would definitely recommend this Video to any discerning people involved with Sheep Dogs. Merv King 

Lloyd Smith is well known as one of the best dog trialists in the country. What is not as well known is that these same trial dogs combine to make up arguably the best mustering team around. I have worked with Lloyd on our 5000ha East Otago hill country farm for 20 years and from the start his displays of stockmanship and dog control were quite inspiring. Lloyd will always give advice and mentoring to younger (and older) shepherds and I’m sure has raised the quality of many a dog team he has had contact with. This ability doesn’t happen by accident and by following this training regimen many will find a hard days mustering on the hill more successful and rewarding.
Johnny Bell, Shag Valley Station 

I have been breeding, training, trialing and shepherding with dogs for 55 years so in my lifetime I have watched the training methods and observed the results, of great NZ trainers like Bob Wilson and many others. This must position me well to make comment about the method and results of Lloyd Smith and how he is enhancing dog training like Pat Parelli is doing with horses.  
Lloyd’s skills to teach people his step by step system and to understand the learning ability, nature and temperament of individual dogs, then train, discipline and successfully compete with a large team of both heading and huntaway’s at all levels of shepherding and trialing is reflected in his record of success in both NZ and Australia.
The marked improvement of stockmanship throughout NZ since Lloyds  Pup Pen to Paddock system has been shared is very noticeable by the increasing success of young competitors with young dogs at club trials and national champs.
I consider Lloyd to be the most complete dog trainer I have encountered and would recommend him and his training method to anyone any where in the world. Grant Calder 

At the start of each season Lloyd runs training days for our stockmen on Molesworth. We find the programme to be extremely beneficial regardless of the level of experience of the staff. From pup selection, rearing, discipline and handling right through to fine tuning for dog trials, Lloyd covers all aspects with a practical and easy to follow approach. To be able to experience the level of tuition that Lloyd offers is invaluable.
Jim Ward, Molesworth Station Manager

Every pup and young dog, and certainly every young shepherd (and dare I add some old ones too) need to thank Lloyd Smith and his team of dogs and helpers for producing this DVD. It's an excellent bit of work, and clearly a lot of hard yards has gone into its planning and execution. Lloyd's expertise and wisdom from decades of working with dogs and stock flows freely from the screen. The DVD is the best guide to training both a heading and huntaway pup that is available, and it's a great pity it had not been available decades ago. There must have been thousands of potentially good dogs that would have lived a full productive life as a result. In my years at the Whatawhata Hill Country Research Station, I worked with many shepherds and technicians and their dogs on our staff, and the extra work so many dogs caused due to lack of basic control, and doing what they thought was needed, must have cost us a fortune in wasted time. Lloyd Smith published an excellent wee book of the same title some years ago, but with technology moving on, and the power of the moving image, this DVD is the way to go, where seeing and listening help remember far better than reading the written word. Lloyd's skills in handling dogs are impressive, and so is his ability to describe and demonstrate what he is driving at, with a good down-to-earth commentary at the same time. As Lloyd shows, things can get out of control fast in the initial training of a young enthusiastic pup, and if you don't get things right at the start, and build on these, then you, the dog and your stock will suffer later. And of course – it's always the dog that gets the blame! Lloyd stresses his three ‘P's – Purpose to get the job done, Precision to have enough control to have the dog in the right place at the right time, and Positive to be able to follow up with positive directions and moves. Lloyd stresses one vitally important point. All dogs differ, as humans all differ too, and success comes from building on strengths and correcting weaknesses as the training goes along. Then the dog and trainer know what went wrong and what needs to be done. It's the sort of advice any All Black coach could use. The DVD is well presented with separate chapters, great filming, plenty of time to absorb Lloyd's wisdom and advice, and a good Q + A session at the end. The DVD should be required study for all young folk coming into the beef and sheep farming business, and is excellent value for money. His book is still available and would be a useful purchase along with the DVD.

Dr Clive Dalton